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Public Forum Debate

What to Expect

Our staff is dedicated to improving every student’s mastery of all facets of Public Forum Debate. Our labs will focus on teaching effective research methods and argument construction, which is the foundation of successful Public Forum debaters. Students can expect to learn refutation and rebuttal strategies that are tailored towards adapting to the vast spectrum of judges debaters encounter at tournaments. Each day the students will practice newly taught strategies through rigorous drills aimed at cementing the MGC curriculum into each debaters skill set. Students will also get numerous practice rounds throughout the duration of camp. Most importantly, the entire process is led by some of the nation’s top PF coaches and former PF debaters, so students can be confident that the feedback and instruction they receive will make them more successful and confident debaters next season.

Students can expect to leave the MGC Workshop with an array of drills and strategies to allow them to continue to grow as debaters and intellectuals long after the end of the workshop, as well as having acquired a wealth of knowledge about competitive debate. They will also have made valuable connections with other driven PF debaters from across the nation. The MGC Public Forum Workshop provides a unique opportunity for eager debaters to take their game to the next level.

Director's Statement

Public Forum Debate is now the nation’s most widespread form of high school debate. Students of all ages and experiences build lifelong skills and college readiness while enjoying competitive success in Public Forum. The Mean Green Comet Debate Institute’s Public Forum Workshop has a unique approach to helping students succeed in this exciting debate opportunity. Each staff member has extensive experience and success in Public Forum, with a proven record of coaching students to enhance their abilities in the event. The staff also understands that each type of school and debate program is unique, and is qualified to help you master Public Forum Debate in a way that is tailored to your needs. The innovative Public Forum curriculum at MGCDI will foster the growth of debaters of all skill levels, whether your goal for next season is to qualify for the State Championship or reach elimination rounds at the TOC.

Divisions, Date and Pricing

Session Dates Residential
(Room and Meals)
(Meals Only)
Public Forum June 30 - July 10 $1650 $1100
Public Forum & Extemp June 30 - July 17 $2150 $1500

Division Director

Robey Holland

Debate Coach, Plano West Senior High School

Robey Holland is the Director of Speech and Debate at Plano West Senior High School. His debaters have been successful on the state and national debate circuits, having won TFA State and NSDA Nationals, as well as competing in elimination rounds at the Tournament of Champions, Harvard, Berkeley, Glenbrooks, and Emory to name a few. Robey has a competitive background in Policy and Lincoln Douglas Debate, and approaches Public Forum Debate from a perspective that recognizes the importance of keeping up with the emerging trends of the quickly evolving culture of PF. At the same time, he focuses on cultivating highly adaptable debaters and competitive strategies to account for the wide range of judges in PF pools at all levels of competition. Robey is passionate about the advocacy skills students develop through participating in competitive debate and is looking forward to another summer at Mean Green where he’ll share the strategies that his team uses to succeed while also encouraging students to grow and take ownership of their education.

Division Staff

Seungjoh Cho

Seung Joh Cho was on the L C Anderson High School Speech and Debate Team for 4 years. He was captain of the team his senior year. He primarily competed in Public Forum Debate. During his career, he became the 2018 TFA State Champion in Public Forum Debate, as well as the 2018 NSDA Nationals Champion in Big Questions Debate. He has qualified for the state tournament all 4 years of his high school career and the National Tournament 3 times. Aside from these events, Seung Joh also competed in Lincoln Douglas Debate on the Texas UIL Circuit and qualified for the 6A State Championships his junior year. Seung Joh greatly looks forward to working with students at the Mean Green Comet Debate Institute this summer!!!

Carlyn Yang

Carlyn debated two years for Plano West Senior high school and she was a three-time state and national qualifier. Competing mainly on her state and local circuits, some of her achievements include 2nd at the University of Texas tournament and 3rd at the TFA state tournament. She currently works with Seven Lakes, where her teams have closed out local tournaments and reached elimination rounds at the Glenbrooks national tournament. Carlyn is looking forward to teaching at Mean Green this summer and also is uncomfortable writing in the third person!

Hannah Bertnot

Hannah attends Cypress Woods High School in Houston, Texas and currently serves as the president of her debate team. She has competed in public forum debate since her freshman year and advanced to elimination rounds at numerous national tournaments, including Grapevine, Yale, Emory, University of Texas, Columbia and Glenbrooks. She was the 2017 Champion of Georgetown Invitational and Bellaire. Hannah has qualified to the Tournament of Champions her junior year as well as TFA state, and NSDA Nationals both her Sophomore and Junior year. Outside of debate, Hannah has worked as a lifeguard for the past 4 years. Hannah could not be happier making a difference helping campers at Mean Green.

Jason Zhang

Debate Consultant, Jasper High School

Graduated from Plano West Senior High School in 2018 where he primarily competed in Public Forum, breaking to late outrounds at multiple national tournaments, including Grapevine, Hockaday, Harvard, and the University of Texas, reaching as far as semifinals at most of them. Ultimately, in his four years of Public Forum experience, Jason has qualified for TFA State three times, in addition to the Tournament of Champions and NSDA Nationals in his senior year, reaching late outrounds as well. Outside of competition experience, Jason also works as a Debate Consultant for Jasper High School, qualifying seven teams to the TFA State tournament in his first year as a coach. Jason is very excited to work with the campers at the Mean Green Comet Debate Institute this summer!

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