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Lincoln Douglas

What You Should Expect

The Lincoln-Douglas Session will offer classes that focus on creating strong thinkers and excellent debaters. While there are many ways to learn how to debate, my philosophy is that the best way to learn how to debate is by debating. Students may notice our schedule includes practice debates, extended lab time, and a camp tournament. This is because students must learn how to apply concepts in order for them to truly understand them. If you’ve ever worried about not having the time to practice, have no fear because we will definitely provide you with the hours you need!

Students will be using a topic that has the potential of being chosen during the 2022-2023 season. This will allow for students to concretely apply the skills they have learned and as well as the prep they compiled when the school year begins.

During our time at camp, students will develop the fundamental skills to grow as a debater and take on ownership over their debate career. In order to accomplish this, the students will learn how to:

  • Conduct research and cite credible articles
  • Produce cases and cards in a limited amount of time
  • Apply content learned to actually strategy used in rounds
  • Handle the rigor of competing at tournaments

Our goal by the end of camp is to provide you with skills you can use to succeed during the season. Students will get the chance to assess how close they are to their goals at the camp tournament hosted on the last two days of camp.

Finally, we strive to create a community here at Mean Green Comet. We want students to form friendships and bonds that last long after our session is over. Not everyone may have the privilege to have a team during the school year, but you’ll always have a group of staff and peers who will look out for you!

We hope the quality, rigor, and community we provide helps you grow exponentially. We can’t wait to see how great you’ll be by the end of the session!

2022 Daily Schedule

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Divisions, Date and Pricing

Section Dates In-Person Commuter Online


June 23 – July 6




Lincoln-Douglas - Online

July 7 – July 12




Division Director

Elijah Smith

Elijah Smith

Currently the director of debate at Rutgers-Newark University. He is currently an assistant coach at the Greenhill School in Dallas. Elijah has coached the winners of almost every octos bid in the country, NDCA in LD and Policy, the TOC in LD, and a top speaker awards. He has also coached multiple college policy First-Round teams, including several Top 5 teams, an NDT semi-finalist team, and multiple teams to the late elims of CEDA. Elijah has a track record of coaching students that want to go for highly theoretical kritiks, nuanced policy strategies, and hyper-specific theory arguments.

Division Staff

Keryk Kuiper

He has spent the last eleven years both coaching and competing in high school and college policy debate. He joined the debate program at Lane Tech High School before transferring after his freshman year and moving to Iowa City, where he competed for City High School until graduating in 2016. He was the back-to-back IHSSA state semi finalist his junior and senior year. In college, he was a two time CEDA Octafinalist and a three time NDT qualifier from Emporia and Northern Iowa. Since he began for coaching at the Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa in the fall of 2021, he has worked with competitors of all divisions who have accumulated a total of thirty-two bids across both seasons as well as last years TOC Quarterfinalists and Finalist.

Hunniya Ahmad

She debated Lincoln Douglas at Coppell High school for four years in Coppell Texas. She acquired 3 bids to the Tournament of Champions, attended the TOC her junior and senior year and was ranked within the top 20 LD Debaters in the nation. She was President of her 300+ member debate team and captain of her respective event Lincoln Douglas. Most notably, she attended Octafinals of Emory, Quarters of UT Austin and Semis of Isidore Newman. She is really excited to work with you this summer!

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