Mean Green Comet Debate Institute

Lincoln Douglas

What to Expect

The LD Division of the Mean Green Comet Debate Camp is focused on competitive success but more importantly we believe that the only way to achieve excellence is to create a climate that discusses the issues that plague this activity and allow for students of all races, religions, sexual orientation, and gender to be inspired to make a place for everyone to be heard and compete. Our number one goal is to foster this environment.

While open discourse is a huge part of debate, we also realize that you are coming to camp to learn. We will have a schedule set in order to meet the needs of the students who are entering the camp. Expect there will be a wide range of arguments and circuit styles covered. Check out the bios of our staff for more feedback on each lab leaders experience and expertise.

If you attend the Mean Green Comet Debate workshop this summer we can guarantee more competitive success as well as a more diverse understanding of Lincoln Douglas Debate. Through our summer workshop we will do our best to develop a skill set on a multitude of arguments by providing experts in the different avenues of LD Debate. We can't wait to see you in July of 2018 for what we hope is 2 weeks of learning to be successful in round as well as out!

The camp will utilize a wide variety of learning styles and feedback during the two weeks in order to allow all students to prepare for the competitive season ahead.

Lectures – We are hoping to provide several lectures during camp that will be for all levels of competitors but unlike most camp lectures are goal is to have a drill/assignment at the end of every lecture in order to allow you a chance to ask questions and get hands on experience with the concept.

Lab – This time will be mostly designed to allow you to work on cases as well as ask Lab Leaders questions. Sleep is important at camp, so use lab time to get work done. Bring headphones for more productivity!

Electives – In the evenings we will offer more specialized lectures to what YOU want to learn. Your camp experience will be made by getting the information and teaching that you feel like you need and want. We will set up suggested tracks based on experience if needed.

Inclusivity Discussions - We will have a discussion based on issues we think affect everyone in and out of round every other day at camp. The goal of these discussions is to make everyone see debate from a different perspective and hopefully come together to troubleshoot and help create a core set of debaters that want to take steps during the year to make a difference in the debate community.

Practice Rounds - We will start having in lab rounds at the end of the first week of camp and there will be a camp tournament at the end of the two weeks.

Office Hours - These will be offered every evening and allow students who need more guidance to obtain it from all of the lab leaders.

Director's Statement

It's time that a debate camp cares more about students feeling comfortable in the debate space in order to learn, rather than being focused on just winning. While I think winning is the goal the most important aspects of this activity are that we can give students the skills to be successful in life. Debate gives so many unique opportunities that are meant to allow students to learn to be advocates, be more empathetic, and develop critical thinking; however, we often times don't foster a climate that allows this. Students often give up from a lack of support, cruelty of other debaters/judges, pressure to succeed, feeling victimized because of their identity, etc. We must stop putting students in situations that they cannot effectively emotionally navigate.

Divisions, Date and Pricing

Session Dates Residential
(Room and Meals)
(Meals Only)
2 week June 30 - July 14 $1750 $1200

Division Director

Marilyn Myrick

Marilyn Myrick

Marilyn Myrick is returning to the Mean Green Comet Debate Camp for her 4th year, this time leading the Lincoln Douglas Division. A University of Texas alumni and 6 year Speech and Debate Intern at the University Interscholastic League (UIL), Ms. Myrick is about to begin her fifth year as the Director of Forensics at Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas. Ms. Myrick has had TFA semifinalists in Extemporaneous Speaking, Congressional Debate, Original Oratory, and coached the 2015 TFA State Champion in Impromptu speaking and 2016 TFA State Champions in Duet Acting, Congressional Debate and Individual Sweepstakes. She has also coached numerous teams into elimination rounds of the UIL Debate State Tournament in both Policy and LD, coached numerous UIL Extemporaneous Speaking Finalists and qualified students to Nationals, the NIETOC, the Debate TOC and the Extemp TOC. Ms. Myrick's favorite arguments to coach include theory and kritiks about critical race theory and feminism.

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