Mean Green Comet Debate Institute

Extemporaneous Speaking

What to Expect

You will learn how to set up tubs, how to format an extemporaneous speech, and how to prepare for the world of extemporaneous speaking. Be prepared to give lots and lots of speeches, many in a start/stop format. We will also work on breath control, vocal quality, volume and pacing to improve your stylistic speaking. Finally, be prepared to take notes. You will be provided several opportunities to have a more thorough understanding of multiple common topic areas for extemporaneous speaking, both domestic and foreign through lectures and symposiums. As you register, please feel free to send topic area discussion ideas. The week will be packed and busy, but fun and memorable.

Director's Statement

The extemporaneous speaking camp is designed to build the skills necessary to excel in extemporaneous speaking events and other individual events. The Mean Green Comet Debate Institute focuses on building speaking and research skills while building a solid base of presentation skills that judges expect. Lectures and speaking activities are designed to immerse students in the many common topic areas. The use of guided symposiums emphasizes the importance of practice, strategy and process. At the end of the session students will be ready to prep multiple topic areas and have the confidence to give speeches on topics that they might not be familiar with.

Divisions, Date and Pricing

Session Dates Residential
(Room and Meals)
(Meals Only)
Extemporaneous Speaking July 10 - July 17 $1050 $700

Division Director

Rhonda Smith

Debate Coach, Plano West Senior High School

Rhonda coaches at Plano West Senior High School. Her team has placed multiple times in nationally recognized tournaments as well as state and local level tournaments. She has coached extemporaneous speaking champions at both the state and national levels, including The Montgomery Bell Round Robin, The Harvard National tournament, TFA State and UIL State. She is active in the speech and debate community in Texas through both the Texas Forensics Association and the University Interscholastic League. In her spare time, she enjoys farming and ranching with her family at their home in Melissa.

Division Staff

Neal White

Returning to Mean Green Comet Extemp for the second time, after his fourth year teaching Speech and Debate at Plano Senior High School. This year Neal coached a TFA state finalist in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking and two semi finalists at the same tournament, a Montgomery Bell Extemp Round Robin Qualifier, the 2nd place finisher at the Capital City Round Robin, and Lone Star NSDA District champions in both Foreign and Domestic Extemp. Neal and his wife live in Grapevine where he occupies his free time with rock climbing and nit-picking music and movies.

Terrick Brown

A two-diamond coach with 14 years of coaching experience. Competitively, he has coached students at every level: elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Currently, Terrick serves as the Director of Forensics at Seven Lakes High School, where his team consistently ranks among the top 10 schools at the TFA state tournament. In the last three years, the Congress team has earned a total of 30 state qualifications to the TFA state tournament, with several students reaching the final round. Moreover, he has coached Congress and Speech finalists at Harvard, Emory, The Sunvitational, University of Texas, George Mason, Montgomery Bell Academy, and NSDA Nationals.

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