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Policy Debate

What to Expect

The MGC policy debate experience focuses on building effective strategy, speaking and research skills for debaters of any level. The MGC policy curriculum emphasizes the importance of argument diversity, helping students to become well versed in the cutting edge of debate arguments, styles and theory.

  • In-depth lectures focused on building topic knowledge – the MGC staff break down the topic from every angle, covering what you need to know to have a head start for the 2017-2018 education topic.
  • 10:1 Student to Staff Ratios means small lab sizes for more contact with nationally recognized staff.
  • Practice debates with experienced judges – get one-on-one time with our exceptional staff in structured practice debates and rebuttal redos.


Led by Phil Samuels and Gabe Murillo the Scholars lab students will receive in-depth instruction in how to write, debate, and understand all forms of arguments. This includes a thorough examination of the 2017-2018 topic, a detailed examination of policy debate, as well as a an investigation of various kritik authors. At the conclusion of the scholar’s lab students will understand the mechanics of argumentation and be ready to debate any style of argument. The Scholars lab is the perfect environment for those students ready to join high school debate’s elite. This is an intensive debate experience, designed specifically to hone already advanced skills, and push students to realize their debate potential.

Intermediate and Advanced Labs – 10 days

These labs will emphasize direct staff to student instruction in small learning environments. Students will engage in multiple practice debates, practice speeches, and block writing sessions. The curriculum is focused on skills development through practice and engagement with instructors rather than the lecture and research model of other institutes.

Director's Statement

The policy camp is designed to build the skills necessary to excel in policy debate. Where some camps prioritize evidence production the MGCDI instead focuses on building speaking and research skills while building a solid base of topic knowledge. Lectures and labs are designed to immerse students in the upcoming topic while at the same time emphasizing the importance of practice, strategy and process.

Divisions, Date and Pricing

Session Dates Residential
(Room and Meals)
(Meals Only)
10 Day June 24 – July 3 $1600 $1000
3 week Scholars June 24 – July 14 $2200 $1600

Division Director

Phil Samuels

Phil Samuels

Assistant Director of Debate, UT Dallas

Phillip has been involved in college debate for over ten years. He debated at Emporia State University where he cleared at most national tournaments, including the National Debate Tournament. As a coach, Phil did his graduate work under Scott Harris at the University of Kansas where together they coached six first rounds in six years and an NDT champion. Phil now coaches and teaches at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has worked at numerous debate camps over the last decade including the Jayhawk Debate Institute, the Spartan Debate Institute at Michigan State, and Stanford University. Phil's lab students have gone on to receive multiple TOC bids, compete at every major national tournament, and have won the Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri State tournaments. For the last four years Phil has also been an assistant coach for the College Preparatory School (CPS), in Berkley California. As a coach at CPS, Phil has coached teams to out rounds at every major national tournament including the TOC and a finalist at the 2012 NFL National Tournament. Finally, Phil has worked with Urban Debate Leagues (UDL) all over the country, including the Minnesota UDL, the KCUDL, and the NYUDL.

Phil was also an assistant coach for the College Preparatory School (CPS), in Berkley California for four years. As a coach at CPS, Phil has coached teams to out rounds at every major national tournament including the TOC and a finalist at the 2012 NFL National Tournament. Finally, Phil has worked with Urban Debate Leagues (UDL) all over the country, including the Minnesota UDL, the KCUDL, the Dallas UDL, and the NYUDL.

Division Staff

Gabe Murillo

Gabe Murillo

Assistant Director of Debate, University of North Texas

Gabe Murillo is an Assistant Coach for the University of North Texas Speech and Debate Team. Before coming to UNT Gabe was the Assistant Coach of the A. Craig Baird Debate Forum at the University of Iowa. At Iowa Gabe coached the first team to win both the Val Browning Round Robin and Mukai Invitational at Weber State University. Before Iowa Gabe was the Head Coach and Director of Recruiting for the Shannon Self Debate Program at the University of Oklahoma. While at Oklahoma Gabe coached the 2010 & 2012 Cross Examination Debate Association National Champions, 2013 National Debate Tournament Semifinalists and the top speaker at the 2010 CEDA Nationals. Gabe debated for Wayne State University where he was a National Debate Tournament semifinalist in 2006 & 2007 and a CEDA semifinalist in 2007. Gabe was awarded the top speaker award at the 2007 NDT. This is Gabe's 15th year teaching at summer debate camps. He has previously taught at Berkeley, Georgetown, Michigan State, Kansas, University of North Texas and the XDI.

Christopher Loghry

Christopher Loghry, M.A.

Director of Debate, Emporia State University

Chris currently serves as the Director of Debate at Emporia State University. He debated for Cheyenne East High School in Wyoming, where he won the state championship his senior year. As a debater for Emporia State University he qualified to the NDT twice, cleared to the elimination debates at many major national tournaments, and received numerous speaker awards. He was the Assistant Director of Debate at Emporia State University from 2012-2014, where we helped partnerships clear to elimination rounds at every major national tournament, receive multiple round robin invitations, and win both the NDT and CEDA national tournaments. He was named assistant coach of the year in the 2013-2014 season. From 2014-2016, he was an assistant coach at Wichita State University, where he helped field several competitive partnerships that won multiple regional tournaments and qualified to the NDT.

Courtney Schauer

Courtney Schauer

Assistant Director of Debate, Emporia State University

Courtney is currently the Assistant Director of Debate at Emporia State University and an assistant debate coach at the College Preparatory School. She debated for the University of Minnesota from 2009-2013. A two-time qualifier, she ended her college debate career in the double-octofinals of the NDT in 2013. During her time as head coach of Highland Park High School in Minnesota, she coached the 2016 TOC champions. She also had students qualify multiple times to NSDA nationals and the Tournament of Champions, as well as reach the elimination rounds of many major national tournaments, including Greenhill, Valley, Caucus, Dowling, Michigan, The Glenbrooks, Blake, The Barkley Forum, Pinecrest, and NDCA. During the 2016 high school season, she coached the runner's up of both the Pace and Pinecrest round robins, as well as the Minnesota State Debate Champions. During the 2016-2017 season, she has helped numerous teams reach the elimination rounds of national tournaments such as Grapevine, Long Beach, and Alta. Courtney also served as the head coach of the Augsburg College debate team from 2014-2016.

Matthew Munday

Matthew Munday

Debate Coach, UT Dallas

Matthew Munday is an assistant debate coach at the University of Teas at Dallas. He has previously coached at Wichita State University where he also debated as an undergraduate. As a debater, Matt experienced consistent success at the regional and national level culminating in an appearance in the quarterfinals of the 2012 National Debate Tournament. In addition to coaching college debate, Matt also coaches for Notre Dame High School. He has several years of camp experience having worked at the Jayhawk Debate Institute as well as the University of Missouri-Kansas City Summer Debate Institute. Matt also publishes an annual high school debate source book.

Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson

University of North Texas Debater

Emily has been debating for 7 years, starting in 6th grade when she debated in Public Forum for Carpenter Middle School. Since then, her career has been varied, acting as a founding member of the Clark High School debate team and doing Lincoln Douglas at Plano Senior her junior and senior years, as well as participating in the Lone Star district World Schools team both years. Both of those years she qualified for the TFA state tournament. She has continued in college, debating in parliamentary debate and NFA-LD debate at the University of North Texas, and helped close out the finals of the 2017 TIFA Spring State tournament in NFA-LD debate.

Enroll Now

MGCDI enrollment will open January 1st 2018! Starting then you can follow the link below to Market Place and reserve your spot in our 2018 summer program. A registration fee of $300.00 is due upon application. Applications after June 1st will incur a $150 late registration fee. The final deadline for all registration is June 18, 2018.

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