Mean Green Comet Debate Institute

Email Update 4

Hello parents and campers. This email is going out to all campers and their families and includes information relevant to registration and check-in as well as some information that pertains specifically to commuters. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

First, the stuff that everyone needs to know

Authorized Guardian Form

We are required to have a pick-up authorization listing any guardian allowed to pick up your camper during the MGC, including the primary guardian. If you have not already submitted this for yourself or an additional guardian please complete this form and bring it to registration. You can find the form here -

Parking During Registration

You can drop campers off in front of Residence Hall South to unload and then park while you are registering at either RES Lot North or Lot T in the red/white striped spaces (see parking map -

Second, for the commuters

Parking Passes / Parking During Camp

If you are a commuter driving to camp you can pick up a parking pass during registration and can park in either of the lots (RES Lot North or Lot T) listed above when you drive to camp.

If you a commuter that is driving yourself, you’ll turn in your keys to the camp office (RHS, 1.002) and pick them up at the end of your day.

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures for Commuters

Parents dropping off should drop their camper off at RHS. All lab rooms are a short walk (10 minutes) from the dorms. Lab leaders take roll every morning and communicate any late students to the camp office. In the event a camper is not present for roll we will immediately contact the parents.

Parents picking up commuters will need to come in to the camp office (RHS 1.002) and sign out their camper. Please do not pick them up at the curb in front of RHS or any other location. We do this for the safety of the campers and appreciate your compliance with this request. The first time a camper fails to checkout at the office we will contact the parent and confirm the drop-off procedure. If a camper fails to follow check-out procedure a second time, we will contact the parents and require a signed copy of the drop-off procedure before the student is allowed to return to camp. If check-out is missed a third time the student may be dismissed from camp.


Scott Herndon
Camp Co-Director

Louie Petit
Camp Co-Director

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