Mean Green Comet Debate Institute

Email Update 3

Hello campers and parents!

This email is full of useful information for students getting ready for their first day of camp. Please read through this carefully as there is information you’ll need to make your first days run smoothly.

The first session of the MGC begins Sunday, June 27. We know the trick to a successful opening day is preparation. With that in mind below steps you should take to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running when your session begins.

NETID – Unless you enrolled in the last 72 hours you should have a NETID assigned to you. If you do not, please contact Colin Quinn ( so we can assign it to you. If you have a NETID you should set it up ASAP. You can find instructions on setting up your NETID here - DO NOT wait until the last minute. Your NETID is how you access all the UTD eLearning resources. NOTE: NETID setup instruction were emailed to the primary billing account when you signed up. You may need to check your spam folder and/or confirm with your parents that you have received and setup a NETID.

Microsoft Teams – We will use Microsoft Teams for all activities during camp. The set-up instructions are attached to this email. It is a simple process taking about 3 minutes to setup. Please make sure you are downloading the teams app from the link in the instructions. When you are prompted for an email to sign in use YOUR NETID and the suffix For example, and your NETID password. Once you are in you should see the divisions for which you are enrolled in your Team’s list. If you do not see them yet, don’t fret, students are still being added to Teams daily – you should check back in a couple of days and let us know if you still don’t see an update.

If after you’ve tried setting up Microsoft Teams up you are still having problems, contact the office manager, Colin Quinn ( for assistance. We strongly recommend you try things out and test before the first day of camp.

All previous update emails are posted on our website and linked below. If you’ve missed an email, please take a moment to review them as there is useful information about what to expect, troubleshooting, schedules, etc.

We are very excited with how our 2021 online MGC is going and that you’ll be joining us soon.

Scott & Louie