Mean Green Comet Debate Institute

Email Update 2

Hello everyone, here is update #3. Lots of new information here, so please take a moment to read through everything.

Tuition and Registration Information


Remember that the deadline to finalize tuition was June 1, 2019. To finalize payment all you need to do is go to go to EZPay, select ‘Camp tuition, ‘Add to Cart,” complete the form, select ‘YES’ for having paid the registration fee, and complete the payment. It only takes a few moments and you’ll be finished. We are unable to guarantee holding a student’s place in camp if full tuition payment is not received by Wednesday, June 14, 2019.

Release Forms

You’ll need to complete the following forms:

  • Medical release
  • Indemnification
  • Pick-up authorization
  • Talent release

The forms are available on our website, here:

When your forms are completed, please upload them via the Camp Forms Portal (green button found on the Debate Camp Forms Page).

***Remember that no student can participate in any camp activity unless we have all required release forms***


We’ve created a quick Google Survey with some basic questions that will help us make your student’s stay comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. Please take a few moments to complete the survey and let us know if you have any questions. The survey answers important questions like food allergies, medical needs, other accommodations and roommate requests. You can access the survey here - Please complete the survey ASAP. We will be placing refrigerator orders Monday, June 17. If we do not have your order by then you will not be able to reserve a refrigerator for your suite.

Commuter Info

Commuter drop off and check-in is 8:45AM daily, unless otherwise noted. Pick-up time is 9PM (8PM for middles school students). Drop off and pick-up are at the Residence Hall Southwest, address below.

Commuters must be dropped off at Residence Hall Southwest in the morning so they can be escorted to their labs each day. Please, for the safety of the students, do not drop off at their labs, or any building other than RHSW.

You can plan to arrive a little earlier or stay a little later, if necessary. Those requests need to be communicated to Scott Herndon or Louie Petit so that they can be passed on to the dorm staff. Please DO NOT drop your students off at their lab rooms directly. Commuters check-in and out for their safety.

Remember if anyone other than the parents listed on the indemnification form are picking up your student we must have them listed on the Pick-up Authorization form. There are no exceptions to that rule. Again, we do this for the camper’s safety.

Even if you are not staying in the dorm commuters are required to come to registration. Registration is where you’ll turn in any outstanding forms, receive your conference pass, schedules, and other information for your session. A complete schedule for registration, including preferred arrival times commuters is here -

High school labs are 9PM - 9PM. Middle School labs are 9AM - 8PM. Commuters must be checked out before they can leave. Check-out process begins at 8/9PM depending on if the student is MS or HS in the camp office (1.002, RHSW) of Residence Hall Southwest.

Parents must come in to pick up their student so we can safely sign them out to an approved parent or guardian. Once a commuter is checked out they are free to leave with an authorized guardian. Remember, no camper will be allowed to check-out if the guardian is not listed on the alternate pick-up form. If you haven’t completed the Pick-Up Authorization form need one it can be found here - .

Please note, anyone picking up a camper, whether for a doctor appointment, a day off, checking out of the dorm, or daily commutes, they must be listed on the pick-up authorization form. We understand plans change, so if you don’t have the authorization on file and need to make up update, you can add it by emailing a signed copy to Louie or Scott. For the safety of the students there are no exceptions to this rule.

If a student is driving themselves to camp they must turn in their keys in the morning to Kandi King or Colin Quinn and check them out again at the end of the evening.

Students are not allowed to leave campus during the camp. MGC does not allow students to leave the campus once camp begins unless checked out by a parent or approved guardian. As such, we ask that you bring any supplies you’ll need during camp when you check in. If you would like to check a camper out for any reason, of course you are always welcome to do so, but remember to plan via Scott or Louie ahead of time.

Dorm Info

The MGC is using Residence Hall Southwest this year. The camp office, check-in, and accommodations for residential students will all be in RHSW. If you wish to send anything to a camper please send to their attention to the following address:

Residence Hall Southwest
931 Drive E
Richardson, TX 75080

UTD Alert

UT-Dallas has an automated alert system in case of emergencies that may occur during the camp. If you would like to receive texts from UTD Alert all you have to do to sign up is text UTDALERT to 888-777. After camp you can text STOP to the same number to be removed from the alert system.

What To Bring

It will be hot in Dallas in June and July. Dress casually, pack shorts and short sleeve shirts, flip-flops and comfortable tennis shoes for after lab activities. If you are a residential camper you should bring extra-long twin sheets, alarm clock, toilet paper, toiletries, towel, umbrella, and any other amenity you’ll need to feel comfortable in the dorms. You should also bring the materials you’ll need to take notes and/or file and prepare for debates, legal pads, notepads, pens, timer, etc. Though 3 meals a day are provided students often wish to order pizza or other food from off campus so it’s usually a good idea to bring a little spending money just in case.


We highly recommend brining a laptop to camp. The MGC, like most high school debate programs, is paperless. The only exception is the Middle School camp which will utilize paper during the camp. All high school camp evidence is transmitted and shared electronically. Paper for files is used only in instances where there is no other option. If you are unable to bring a computer, please email the camp administration (myself or Louie) so we can discuss options. Thanks for your support in making the MGC paperless. We do not recommend iPads as a replacement for paperless debate as it doesn’t run a full MS Word suite. If you are using a tablet, such as a Surface Pro, that will work.

4th of July

MGC will have a normal morning schedule and afternoon schedule on the 4th of July. After dinner, there will be movie night, snow cones, cotton candy and time to enjoy the holiday. If you are local and wish to check out your camper to participate in family activities that is fine. Please make separate arrangements with me or Louie so we can coordinate check-out and return times, etc.

Check-in Schedule

The check in schedule are posted on the MGC website - You will also find copies of all update emails posted on the site for your convenience.


See you all this summer,

Scott Herndon
Camp Co-Director

Louie Petit
Camp Co-Director