Mean Green Comet Debate Institute

Email Update 1

Thank you for registering the Mean Green Comet Debate Institute. We are pleased that you’re joining us this summer and think you’ll be excited by our 2019 summer program. This email is the first of several that you’ll receive as camp draws closer.

Travel Plans: If you are making travel plans to DFW your student should plan to arrive in the morning / afternoon of the first day of their division and plan to leave by late afternoon on the last day. A specific schedule by division will be posted on the website in the next week.

Also, the MGC does not provide travel from either of the DFW airports, so you should plan to make those arrangements on your own. We recommend Super Shuttle as a reliable and affordable option for transport. An Uber is also an option and is approximately $40 fare from either Love Field or DFW.

Required Forms: All participants of the MGC must complete a Medical Release, Indemnification, Talent Release, and pick-up authorization forms to participate in camp. No student will be allowed to check-in or participate in any camp activity without these forms on file. All forms must be received by June 20th, 2019. The forms can be found here - Please complete the forms, scan, and the MGC forms portal - Please make sure the name on the forms matches the name on your registration. If you already submitted by email, please resubmit the forms via the portal. Finally, remember that NO STUDENT can participate unless all of the forms are filed with the camp. There can be no exceptions.

Finalize tuition: The deadline to finalize tuition is June 1, 2019. To finalize payment all you need to do is go to, select ‘MGCDI Camp tuition, ‘Add to Cart,” complete the form, select ‘YES’ for having paid the registration fee, and complete the payment. It only takes a few moments and you’ll be finished.

Again, look for more updates throughout this month and into June, and if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

See you all this summer,

Scott Herndon
Camp Co-Director

Louie Petit
Camp Co-Director