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The Mean Green Comet Debate Institute is run by Co-Directors Scott Herndon (Director of Debate at UTD) and Louie Petit (Associate Director of Debate at UNT). If you have further questions, please email –

Scott Herndon

Scott Herndon, M.A.

Director of Debate at UTD

Scott Herndon joined The University of Texas at Dallas Debate Program in 2002 as the Head Coach and became the Director of the Program in 2012. In that time, UT Dallas has qualified for the National Debate Tournament (NDT) 11 years in a row, been awarded multiple First Round at-Large bids, received invitations to the Kentucky and the Dartmouth Round Robin competitions, and reached the quarterfinals of the NDT in 2010 and the elimination debates of Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) nationals for eight consecutive years (2003-2012). An experienced instructor and judge, he has been a debate camp instructor at The Comet Debate Institute, the University of Missouri Kansas City, The World Debate Institute, Baylor University, University of North Texas and the University of Kansas. Scott was recognized as the CEDA Southwest Region Critic of the Year in 2004 and 2009.

Louie Petit

Louie Petit, M.A.

Director of Debate at UNT

In his 10th year as the Associate Director of Debate and Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas. He served as the Director of the 2016 Mean Green Workshop and was the co-director from 2011-2015. He received his MA from Missouri State University where he coached from 2006 to 2008. He coached the 2008 and 2009 National Debate Tournament (NDT) Top Speakers, the 2008 NDT and Cross Examination Debate Association semifinalist, numerous first round at large bids to the NDT, and over 12 teams to quarterfinals or better at the NDT and/or Cross Examination Debate Association national tournaments.

He has also served as an argument coach for numerous high school debate programs, coaching high school teams to both the final rounds of the TOC and the NSDA. He has served as an argument coach for Carrolton of the Sacred Heart (2007-2008), Woodward Academy (2009-2011), Glenbrook North (2012), Southlake Carroll (2014-2015), and Glenbrook South (present).

Debate Camp Mail Address

UTD Debate
800 W. Campbell Rd, FO 56
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